Lunch with a Leader

Registration Opens on February 15 @ 9am for our next Lunch with Dr. Gina Grandy!


This program is designed to provide Axis Connects members with valuable opportunities to gain insights, mentorship, and network with senior professionals in various industries. We aim to inspire and empower our members by providing them with unique opportunities to connect with diverse perspectives and experiences.

Join us every month for Axis Connects, an exclusive opportunity where members are invited to engage with top career professionals and foster meaningful connections within a small group of our members.

Gain insights

One of the primary objectives of the program is to provide our members with the chance to gain valuable insights from senior professionals who have achieved significant success in their respective fields. By engaging in meaningful conversations during the lunches, our members can learn about the leader's journey, the challenges they have faced, and the strategies they have employed to overcome obstacles. This exposure to real-world experiences and wisdom can offer our members a unique perspective and inspire them in their own careers.


We recognize the importance of mentorship in personal and professional growth. Through the "Lunch with a Leader" program, we aim to foster mentorship opportunities between our members and senior professionals. During these lunches, members will have the opportunity to seek advice, guidance, and mentorship from the leaders, helping them navigate their career paths, make informed decisions, and develop essential skills. The mentorship aspect of the program can provide invaluable support and guidance to our members.

Network with senior professionals

Building a strong professional network is crucial for career advancement and opportunities. By facilitating lunches with senior leaders, we aim to create an environment where our members can connect and network with influential individuals from various industries. These networking opportunities can open doors to new partnerships, collaborations, job prospects, and mentorship relationships beyond the scope of the program. Encouraging meaningful connections and relationship-building is a key objective of the program.

Inspire and empower

Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences is essential for personal and professional growth. By connecting our members with senior leaders from different industries, backgrounds, and areas of expertise, we seek to inspire and empower them. Learning about the journeys, achievements, and challenges of these leaders can motivate our members to think outside the box, pursue their goals with confidence, and explore new possibilities. We want our members to be inspired by the success stories of these leaders and believe in their own potential to achieve great things.